Guard Dog Tactical Level III+ 10X12 AR500 Steel Plate Pair | 8.5 Lbs/Per - Black

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Guard Dog Body Armor’s Level III+ steel plates are constructed from certified steel meeting NIJ standards. Each plate is shooters cut with rounded edges. The 10”x12” plates are lined with up t0 60mil thickness of coating with a 1750 psi tensile strength for anti-spalling. It is impossible to guarantee 100% anti spalling but our plates will give you a significant advantage!  Available in 10”x12” curved. Weight per plate is 8.5lbs +/- .15lbs prior to coating. Tested to exceed NIJ Level 3 standards by stopping M855 rounds at 50′ tested by the United States National Testing System.

Each sleeve consists of trauma pads and anti-spall layers. This sleeve is unique in its design as it is constructed in one piece to capture the spalling effect from projectiles if a projectile hits the enclosed steel armor plate. These sleeves provide the wearer multi-level protection all in one convenient and lightweight package. These sleeves are constructed of 5 layers of Kevlar with a 10mm thick trauma pad enclosed with 1000D Polyester fabric, making it one of the toughest sleeves on the market!